Caught in the Crossfire

Episode Four: Damsel (or party?) in Distress

Lamia are Icky

So after ending last week’s session with the party split up, the members of the The Silver Hand Time Department who were in the room with the chained Eladrin woman realized she was deceiving them about something. Hoskar then backed away towards the brazier at the north end of the room, only to get singed by a pressure-plate fire trap that was protecting the sundial.

The chained woman, who had revealed her name to be Elesdri, sensing your growing mistrust, then transformed into her true form of a lamia, a fey-origin scarab monster that eats people. Gross. So Percival Planeshift, Rosin the Bow, and Hoskar all tried to manage the fight against Elesdri and her scarab swarm ally while the rest of the party ran as fast as they could to get into combat.

After many hijinks last time on the rope bridges, Nathaea and Shiva hustled on over to join in the fray without any issue. However, Ruff Gruff suffered a few setbacks in his trek to join the battle both nearly falling off the cliff and just barely making a jump across the flowing river.

With the whole team in combat, the battle seemed to be surely won, however Elesdri proved a more wily foe than the party was prepared for, here at the end of their day with many powers and surges already expended. She stunned and poisoned most of the PCs, and while all came close to dropping, it was only poor Shiva who fell in combat but was saved by timely intervention by the party cleric. After much combat, the party realized that with her weakness to blast attacks, if they threw Elesdri into the fire trap, it might speed her demise. With a good bit of teamwork, Ruff Gruff and Shiva tossed her into the fire trap and with the help of everyone else managed to pin her down and finish her off. So now they sit, bloodied and battered and in need of rest, in front of the swinging brazier and the perilous fire trap. Oh and there was a room with a weird pool of water and a key……


dsoppenheimer dsoppenheimer

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